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Example 3: Many clients start off with our research service, successfully employed by marketing, public relations, and human resource departments of corporations as well as individuals planning everything from bar mitvahs to reunions to weddings and social events. These clients are interested in having Locations, Etc. Inc. research the locations suitable for their event based on the following four criteria: (1st) geography, (2nd) ambiance you'd like to create, (3rd) date or dates of availability; and, (4th) budgetary constraints. Location research is conducted not only into our directory, but also our databases which contain thousands of additional listings. And we do this the old fashioned way, we use our brains and the telephone. Only then do we make recommendations and arrangements (including full proposals inclusive of catering, music, photography, videography, limousines, rentals, hotel accommodations when appropriate) based on our company's years of experience in the industry. Clients can also have Locations, Etc. Inc. research suitable services for their event and then make recommendations based on the client parameters. Now, the client then has a starting point that is much further along in the decision-making process. Comments: Wants professional recommendations. May not be pressed for time. Medium-High energy level. Enjoys micro-managing. See: Membership


Example 4: Our Location Scouting service also encompasses our custom research criteria, however, we take the process several steps further and actually set up all clients appointments and make arrangements for site inspections. Then, depending on geography of where the event is going to be held, we will even show you the facilities personally or provide you with photographs. The Location Scouting has several advantages to the client going it on their own: (1) the service speeds up the site selection process significantly; (2) it serves to insulate clients against hardsell sales pitches, and (3) we can get you into many locations at times when they are customarily unavailable to be shown. Location scouting also includes the preparation of full event proposals inclusive of catering, music, photography, videography, limousines, when appropriate. Comments: Wants professional advice. Little time available. Resources tight. Has numerous additional commitments. See: Membership

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