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You Own Your Own Business.
And All Your Life

You've Heard the Same Thing:

Want Something? Work Hard.
Want More? Work Harder.

Well, It's Not Always About
Working Harder.
It Pays A Hell of A Lot More to

Work Smarter.

Business Sales & Marketing Strategy
Critical Web Site Analysis
All Forms of Print Media

• Unsatisfied with your Company's Image?
• Are your
Printed Materials out of touch, out of date, and holding you back?
• Is your
Web Site not performing the way your think it should, and you don't know why...?
• Does your
Web Site have the "look" and "functionality" that it needs to compete?
• Is your
Web Site generating the traffic that help generate increased sales?
• Not satisfied with your company
• Unsure of which
Direction you need to go to maximize your potential?
• Do you have a
Marketing Strategy for your continued grow?
• Do you lack a comprehensive, unified approach in your
Marketing Plan?
• Are you aware of new
Revenue Streams that you haven't tapped?
• Do you want someone to Answer the Questions you needed to ask to help grow your business?

Lyle Benjamin, President of Locations, Etc., is an expert in designing integrated company systems from the ground up. Employing a wealth of critical evaluation skills in Business Planning, Sales, Marketing, Communication, Graphic Design, Web Construction, Publishing and Print Media, Mr. Benjamin will evaluate your business: From its current position to where it could and should be in the future.

Your company will receive a clear, concise, written report that analyses company weaknesses in its Sales and Marketing Program, Printed Literature and/or Web Site; and then offers the specific details to correct problems, implement new strategies, and whenever possible, expand with new revenue streams. Consultation rates start as low as $850.

It pays not just to work hard, but to work smart.
And, Mr. Benjamin's Consultation Services

will give you that edge.

Contact Mr. Benjamin Directly @ 212 213-0257
To Discuss Your Needs

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