Party Maske Schädel Airsoft

(4 customer reviews)

$60.00 $29.98


Party Maske Schädel Airsoft

$60.00 $29.98

(4 customer reviews)


Verwenden Sie die Skull Airsoft Mask ™ für ultimativen Schutz und Komfort.

  • FULL GESICHTMASKE – Airsoft Maske mit MESH EYE PROTECTION Kompletter Schutz für das ganze Gesicht.
  • VERSTELLBARE ELASTIKRIEMEN – Die Auffüllung von Stirn und Nase zusammen mit 6 verstellbaren Trägern bietet eine bequeme und sichere Passform.
  • VERBESSERTE ATMUNG UND KOMMUNIKATION – Gelochter Mund und Nase sorgen für maximale Atmung und verbesserte Kommunikation.

Zieh diese extrem einschüchternde Maske an und vernichte deine Feinde!

– Abmessungen: 10,2 x 7,1 x 3,9 Zoll
– Größe: einstellbar (eine Größe passt am meisten)
– Hergestellt aus 100% Kunstharz
– Vollgesichtsschutz
– Giftstoffe und geruchsfrei



4 reviews for Party Maske Schädel Airsoft

  1. Bought this for my kid as a last minute cool looking Halloween mask but was surprised at the quality of this thing. Real thick plastic shell, rubber pieces on the inside to keep it off your face, very well ventilated, eye pieces are rigid plastic that do a good job of being able to see through yet are rigid enough to keep eyes safe for air soft. 6 Point harness in the back keeps it in place. And it just looks cool!


  2. Extremely intimidating mask, and very comfortable. We’ve all (or most of us have) worn masks that make you sweat and are uncomfortable. This one sets off of your face due to the placement of very comfortable foam padding (quality foam, too, almost like memory foam) that rests right on your cheek bones and forehead. Your eys, nose, mouth area, etc., all breathe very well with this on. You can see out of the mesh eye sockets very well also. It’s a very intimidating looking mask which is fun for airsoft battles.


  3. Nice mask. I use it for my airsoft games. It is quite intimidating when you wear it too.I don’t wear it all the time. Only for special games. We play a game similar to a “Juggernaut” where a single almost-invincible player wears it.


  4. The plastic is very hard and durable and I felt very safe. HERE IS THE BIG DISCLAIMER FOR PAINTBALL: If you are going to use this for paintball, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear eye glasses, sun glasses or protective eye wear.


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