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Your Ticket To Greater Rewards

If you crave the excitement of helping a public relations company launch a new product, or a bride plan her wedding reception that's only six months away, or you enjoy exploring a new hot spot in town that wants to hold parties - then the Special Events business may be for you.

If you enjoy solving puzzles, juggling numerous tasks at once and want an endless variety to your workday then the Special Events business may be for you.

Whether you're already involved with the Special Events industry or just getting started, Locations, Etc. Inc. has the expertise and client know-how to put you on the fast track toward establishing your own Meeting and/or Event Planning concern.

Locations, Etc. Inc. will provide you with everything you need to master the Special Events industry and acquire the skills necessary to capture new corporate, bridal and social clients.

1. You'll learn the fundamentals of the industry from the perspective of a Special Events company, and how that is quite different from working in the Special Events industry even as a Corporate Planner.

2. You'll learn the difference between Event Coordination, Event Management and Destination Management, and learn to do all three.

3. You'll learn about the 52 different types of events that you could be handling in the near future.

4. You'll learn the ins and outs of the two dozen types of locations that are available for Special Events in your area, as well as the collateral services and products that can come into play.

5. You'll acquire a database of locations and services in your area that will form the backbone of your research and scouting business.

6. You'll learn the most effective methods of speaking to corporate, bridal and social clients, and come away with an understanding of why one method doesn't always work for all three.

7. You'll learn what questions to ask (and what questions never to ask) a client about their upcoming event.

8. You'll learn that how you ask a client questions can actually help you land the client's event.

9. You'll acquire the computer programs and skills necessary to perform your work, from daily client research to quarterly location reports.

10. You'll learn how to network and form alliances to further your reach into the Special Events market.

11. Finally, you'll learn how the "Locations, Etc.'s Event Site Finders Directory" and Locations, Etc. Inc., itself, are your best tools to prosperity.

Locations, Etc. Inc. has several options available to help you get started as quickly as possible on the road to career fulfillment and financial prosperity.
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